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  • Melina Hong

Are YOU affected by these cyberattacks?

In this current data-driven world, a data breach could affect not just millions, but billions of users worldwide, potentially having their personal information available to the world. Cyber attackers exploit the data dependencies of daily life, using the information for malicious purposes such as social engineering.

Here are some significant breaches in recent years.

There are incidences where you may or may not be part of the millions who were affected, hence it is always good to check by heading over to to check if you are part of the masses. If your data was compromised, you need to find out what information was taken and how it can be used. For example, names and addresses may not hold such a huge consequence as compared to your email address, birthday and other information which can be used to verify your identity to financial institutions, or even as simple as changing the password of a social media account. If more sensitive data, such as credit card information has been stolen, contact your financial institutions immediately to safeguard yourself and your assets.

You are your best policy. Keep a watchful eye on your own information as data is something you can no longer live without. Be cautious how you share your data and therefore you can protect yourself from data breaches.

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