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Kickstart your Career

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Kickstart your career

In the first release of TheTechNative's Start, Elevate & Grow series titled Kickstart Your Career, this course gives you the advantage in advancing the career race and ladder through strong foundations and intimate industry knowledge through 5 lessons and milestone activities across topics from planning to communicating. This course comes with a free preview and a discounted rate for TheTechNative's community friends.

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WHAT PEOPLE are Saying

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Each lesson is incredibly concise and informative, allowing me to stay focused. 

I particularly find the lessons on communication useful, and I liked how examples were given for the S.T.A.R method.

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The course is clear in delivery and has a good amount of useful and applicable information. I enjoy the activities at the end of each lesson, it contains clear instructions that encourage learners like myself to apply the acquired knowledge; even in modules like networking!

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As an industry entrepreneur, I truly believe that Kickstart your Career has merit. We really need more of talents with the mindset to be proficient in industry and soft skills in Singapore.

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Soft Skills

A good education pedigree might get you your dream job. However, it does not grant you the ability to perform and thrive in your job. The operations of the society are worlds apart from that of the classroom. In the business world, the ability to build and manage relationships is key to one's success. 


At TheTechNative, we firmly advocate the importance of wielding a portfolio of soft skills that vary across storytelling, identity building, networking and many other topics in order to stay competitive and valued in your organization.

In release 1, TheTechNative will guide you through a highly interactive and hands-on session to kick-start your career. This course will include creating good action plans to set up yourself for success, setting up an all-star public-facing profile, creating compelling resumes and nailing interviews as well as adopting communication structures and networking tips to land a job.

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